25 Best Creative Writing Apps For You To Level Up Your Skills

Sherry Chiao
11 min readOct 30, 2020

Creative writing is not an overnight success. It takes a lot of time and effort, as well as trials and errors. With these apps, you can practice your writing with ease and assistance. They are tools that you can maximize to level up your skills and explore your potential.

For Publishing


Available for Web, iOS, and Android


Commaful is a great place to quickly share your short stories and discover other works on-the-go. The app turns your stories into beautiful and engaging multimedia fiction. Commaful offers a platform for writers of any skill and range to publish their works with convenience, receive constructive feedback, and build a responsive community with other fiction writers.

Commaful’s features also include:

  • Picture book format that you can personalize
  • Building a personal profile where other users can follow you
  • Messaging and commenting system
  • Posting works through a mobile device
  • Free-for-all list of story ideas
  • Daily word prompts
  • Regular writing contests
  • Writing advice section


Available for Web, iOS, Android, and AppGallery

FREE (Ad-free Wattpad Premium for $9.99/month)

Wattpad houses millions of writers from all over the world. By joining this community, you can post your works, from stories to poems and even fanfics, to a big audience that can acknowledge your skills and waiting publishers and producers that can recognize your potential. Through this app, you can connect with like-minded writers, inspire your readers, and jumpstart your career.

Wattpad’s features also include:


Available for Web, iOS, and Android

FREE (Unlimited Access for $5/month)

Medium puts global ideas within your reach. The ad-free digital publisher works as a platform for you to discover a wide range of ideas from opinion pieces and interviews to reports and features. By signing up, you can discuss your insights through the different publications that Medium hosts. You can reach a broader audience of 120 million readers and more through the app’s homepage and recommendation if you’re curated. Medium allows writers to unleash a more personal perspective of creativity.

Medium’s features also include:


Available for iOS and Android


Shorti changes how you tell short stories. The app provides a platform for writers to easily share their engaging 1500 words. It allows you to embed pictures and videos to your story that makes for an immersive and different reading experience. Shorti has simple functions that make short stories even more accessible and just as interesting.

Shorti’s features also include:

  • Direct messaging and commenting system
  • Subscription and notification on story updates
  • Bookmarking stories
  • Sharing option


Available for Web, iOS, and Android

FREE (Premium for varied prices*)

Webnovel is the key for novelists. The app introduces chapters upon chapters of stories from any genre to its wide audience. It features serialized content that leaves readers waiting for more. As a writer, Webnovel tests your imagination and your wordcount that can lead you to sign publishing contracts. The app places online publishing within reach for you and more than 6 million novelists.

Webnovel’s features also include:

  • Monetization
  • Ranking system
  • Login incentive
  • Daily updates
  • Commenting system
  • Community forums
  • Writing contests
  • Feedback exchange
  • Advanced Premium chapters*


Available for Web, iOS and Android


LiveJournal puts reality in your pocket. This app gives you access to millions of content about topics that suit your interest. It’s a sharing and networking platform where you can join a community of like-minded people and share your stories. For writers, LiveJournal is an opportunity to write and publish your works without limits to an interested audience.

LiveJournal’s features also include:

  • Attaching photos, videos, and citations to your post
  • Offline editing
  • Messaging and commenting system
  • LiveJournal Editorial Board recommendations

Tap by Wattpad

Available for iOS and Android


Tap by Wattpad makes storytelling immersive and interactive. The app hosts creative works that are reformatted into a game. The stories unfold the more you tap, like text messaging, that builds anticipation and excitement. By registering and using the template, you can share your own story. Tap works as a challenge for writers to explore formats and their storytelling.

Tap by Wattpad’s features also include:

  • In-app purchases
  • Sharing options


Available for Web, iOS, and Android


Tumblr caters to anybody’s needs. This app functions as a short-form microblogging where there are millions of user-generated sites and content to choose from. In turn, this means that you can also create your own platform to publish your creative writing that can be embellished with photos, personalized GIFS, videos, and more. Tumblr gathers interests in one accessible place that creates a community and an audience. You can freely share your works on this app, discover others who enjoy the same things and explore content you didn’t even know existed.

Tumblr’s features also include:

  • Multimedia content
  • Customizable layout
  • Following profiles
  • Searching through hashtags
  • Reblogging, messaging, and commenting system


Available for iOS and Android


Shortly makes your free time worth it. The app follows your clock where you choose among one, three, or five minutes then it pulls up an interesting story taken from Reddit that fits your reading time. Reading often is just as important for writers who are practicing their skills. These micro-stories take little out of your busy schedule while serving as inspiration for your work or refresher for your ideas.

Shortly’s features also include:

  • Randomized selection
  • No registration


Available for Web, iOS, and Android


Asianfanfics, or AFF, represent an outlet for needed stories. The app hosts a tight-knit community of writers and readers under the banner of Asian pop culture. If you’re a writer of this niche, AFF offers a platform for you to share your stories and connect with other creators and fans. Even if you aren’t, you can explore and broaden your horizon of different genres and themes of creative writing. AFF is an app that brings creative interests and imagination to a global light.

AFF’s features also include:

  • Beta-reader request section
  • Graphics request section
  • Real-time statistics
  • Co-authoring option
  • Offline saving content
  • Featured Story nominations
  • Bookmarking and saving chapters
  • Commenting, upvoting, and nominating system


Available for iOS


Inkvite puts the fun in writing. You can write up to 240 characters then a different writer picks it up to continue your story. The app is a good way to start writing and refresh your skills after a long break. With its collaborative community, Inkvite challenges your storytelling.

Inkvite’s features include:

  • Increasing level of turns
  • Search by tagging
  • Attaching story covers and images
  • Following and messaging system


Available for Web, iOS, and Android


Penana is a wonderful space to let your creativity loose. The app welcomes thousands of stories in any genre, rating, and language. You can browse and explore works that suit your interests or you can publish your own for other users to read. For novelists, each chapter you add becomes an issue that you can personalize with images and other media. Penana also allows collaboration in writing that you can use as a challenge or a fun learning experience. The app offers not just a variety of stories to read but also a community of writers to meet and write with.

Penana’s features also include:

  • Suggested edits from readers
  • Reader statistics
  • Messaging and commenting system
  • Forming Writing Societies
  • Writing contests
  • Personalize your portfolio

For Writing


Available for Web, Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android

FREE (Additional Priced Plans for Upgraded Features*)

Celtx suits your multimedia writing needs. This app begins as a powerful scriptwriting software that guides you in writing for film, television, and theatre, and offers to storyboard to visualize your ideas. It has over 6 million users that benefit from its tools, including real-time collaboration and feedback system.

Celtx’s features also include:

  • Automatic script formatting
  • Outline for navigation
  • Add notes and media
  • Visual corkboard of index cards
  • Syncing across multiple devices
  • Section breakdown*
  • Scheduling, budgeting, and cost reports option*
  • Script revision tracking*
  • Various function for different multimedia plans*


Available for Web and Plug-in

FREE (Grammarly Premium for $29.95/month*)

Grammarly works with you when writing. As a browser extension, the app serves as your grammar assistant. It conducts spell and grammar checks in real-time and suggests changes while explaining to you why it makes sense that way. You can also upload whole documents for Grammarly to proofread where you can specify your goals for the text and let the app grade your success.

Grammarly’s features also include:

  • Context and sentence structure check*
  • Vocabulary suggestions*
  • Readability*
  • Genre-specific writing style check*
  • Plagiarism detector*

Living Writer

Available for Web

Subscription for $9.99/month

Living Writer is with you from start to finish. This writing software helps you begin writing with its numerous book templates and a clean interface. You can keep the organization of your ideas through drag and drop options and an accessible sidebar. There are outline guides to test your story plot and an auto-save so you would never lose ideas. Living Writer protects your stories and provides answers to novelist needs.

Living Writer’s features also include:

  • Smart text and auto-suggest
  • Dark mode
  • Writing goals for chapters, complete stories, and Nanowrimo
  • Grammarly integration
  • Cloud-based syncing
  • Export to Word, PDF, or twelve different Amazon book sizes


Available for Web

Plan for $9.99/month

Squibler makes writing flexible and accessible. As a writing software, it offers templates that suit your writing expertise, whether that be novel writing, scriptwriting, or even personal journaling. Squibler serves as your writing buddy by helping you manage your content and finish your story.

Squibler’s features also include:

  • Auto-suggest elements
  • Drag and drop organization
  • Outline templates
  • Syncing with Google Drive and Dropbox
  • Import existing works
  • Export to ebook, PDF, or Word

Google Docs

Available for Web, iOS and Android


Google Docs is simple and familiar to use for writers. This app works as an online word processor that syncs your files across different devices and stores through Cloud. It allows for real-time collaboration by simply sharing links while still protecting your works. Google Docs works great on-the-go, with co-writing, and works being queried or needing feedback.

Google Docs’ features also include:

  • Offline mode
  • Edit, suggest or view-only mode for collaborators
  • Revision history
  • Adding comments
  • Live chat with collaborators
  • Export to various formats

Ginger Software

Available for Web, Plug-in, Windows, iOS, and Android


Ginger Software is an all-around multiplatform tool to help your writing productivity. The app functions as a grammar and spelling checker that corrects your words in real-time in all your devices. You can improve your productivity with its word prediction and sentence rephraser. Ginger Software essentially reads your mind as you write your stories, making for a session well-spent.

Ginger Software’s features also include:

  • Free-to-use emojis
  • Customizable themes and keyboards
  • Translator
  • Dictionary
  • Text-to-speech reader
  • Personalized English practice lessons

IA Writer

Available for Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android

One-time Purchase for $29.90

IA Writer removes any and all distractions from your writing. With the app, you can focus on your goal through its minimalist and uncluttered workspace. Shortcuts and simplified settings move your mind away from unnecessary stress. IA Writers works, and works well for every writer to keep their hands on the keyboard and their stories flowing.

IA Writer’s features also include:

  • Syntax Highlight where parts of speech are in different and identifiable colors
  • Focus Mode that isolates a sentence or a paragraph that you need to work on
  • Movable block contents
  • Optimized typeface
  • Live split-screen PDF preview
  • Export mark-ups, notes, and tables to Word
  • Publish directly to WordPress and Medium


Available for Mac and iOS

Subscription for $4.99/month

Ulysses manages your time with writing. This app creates a pleasant and focused workspace to put your mind to work. With its clean interface, writers immerse themselves in the text and offer more advanced options only when it’s needed. Ulysses stores all your files cleanly within the filter system and syncs them all through iCloud. The app makes for a smooth writing experience.

Ulysses’ features also include:

  • Mark-up based text editor
  • Plain text options
  • Typewriter Mode where the line you’re working on stays fixed on the screen
  • Single library for quick search
  • Auto-save and back-up
  • Built-in export styles and templates
  • Export to Text, HTML, ebook, PDF, or Word
  • Publish directly to WordPress and Medium

Final Draft

Available for Mac, Windows, and iOS

One-time Purchase from $9.99 to $199

Final Draft puts efficiency in scriptwriting. The mobile app works for on-the-go writers with its formatted templates, auto-suggestion system, and quick save and share options. These function just as smoothly with Final Draft’s desktop version with some added features such as story maps, speech-to-script, and real-time collaboration. The app fits the needs of scriptwriters of any experience, such as Hollywood directors JJ Abrams, Sofia Coppola, and Guillermo Del Toro.

Final Draft’s features, that vary between the mobile and desktop versions, include:

  • Revision mode where you can move between versions of your work
  • Alternative dialogue options
  • Night mode
  • Format Assistant that double-checks format before export
  • Reformatting tool
  • Auto-backup
  • Export to email, Dropbox, or iTunes


Available for Web, Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android

FREE (Premium Plan for $2 to $14.99/month*)

Evernote functions as a note-taking app that syncs across all your devices. For writers, it can become much more. When you’re brainstorming on-the-go, you can arrange your thoughts and ideas through labeled notebooks. You can follow those up with notes that can include almost anything, from checklists to voice memos to media attachments and web clippings. Evernote makes research, revision, and something as simple as remembering inspiration to be easy and accessible for writers.

Evernote’s features also include:


Available for Web

FREE (Pro for $4.75/month*)

Telescope encourages you to view your creative writing differently. This app changes writing and publishing by providing you a workspace that is visually clean, ad-free, and all under your control. You can post anything from fiction to features with its editor and content distribution system. All the while, Telescope keeps your data safe and private. The app works as a clean and quick publishing platform for writers eager to share their voice.

Telescope’s features also include:

  • Links and tags customization
  • Editing layout
  • No cookies, hidden scripts, and tracking
  • Storage space
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Integration with Telegram
  • Export to several formats
  • Real-time analytics (global distribution statistics*)
  • Personal domain*
  • Dark theme*


Available for iOS and Android

FREE (Pro for $9/month*)

Write.as supports independent publishing. With this app, you can write and publish your creative works with no strings. You can use their built-in editor to work on your drafts and through Write.as post them on your personal platform or even anonymously. Their clean and distraction-free workspace lets your creativity flow smoothly.

Write.as features also include:

  • Auto-saving editor
  • Multiple author identities
  • Following option
  • Share links to embed
  • Student- and classroom-friendly
  • Creating multiple blogs*
  • Custom domains*
  • Custom themes*
  • Privacy settings*
  • Format control*
  • Newsletter options*
  • Photo hosting*


Available for Web

Subscription Plan for $6.99

Writing with Wrabit builds a routine you can follow and a space for your mental health. This app functions as a productive habit tracker through a simple editor that you can up to. Whether it be creative fiction or a personal journal, writing with Wrabit helps ease stress and writer’s block. It encourages consistency in your work that can push that unfinished story into completion or refresh your imagination for more ideas.

Wrabit’s features also include:

  • Weekly dollar donation to mental health organizations (included in subscription price)
  • Dated entries
  • Personal and community statistics

In the end…

Your hard work as a writer is the final piece to these creative writing tools.