26 Best Apps For Writers That Every Aspiring Author Needs

Every aspiring author has to start somewhere, right? From thinking of ideas, getting down to writing, to sharing your stories; all writers have different needs.
These 26 apps offer the best solutions for every aspiring author! Reach your word count goal. Make editing a smoother process. Say goodbye to crying over lost research. And actually get around to publishing!
Friedrich Nietzsche points out, “A good writer possesses not only his own spirit but also the spirit of his friends.”
For you, the aspiring author, let these apps be your best friends!

Best Apps for Publishing

“If the book is true, it will find an audience that is meant to read it.” — Wally Lamb


Create immersive stories through multimedia fiction. Challenge creativity in choosing the best visuals to use in your picture book. Novels aren’t the only literature out there! Aspiring authors can experiment with short-form fiction like flash fiction and poetry through Commaful.


Publish books online. Get Featured. Build a readership. Win awards and be discovered by the best people in the industry.


Share your novels to the web and its global audience. Build excitement with chapter-by-chapter releases. No limit is the limit. And earn for your hard work on the way!

  • Wuxia? Xianxia? Publish your Eastern and Chinese fantasy novels to an audience that loves them.


Publish independently. Highlight your stories. Write anonymously or as much as you’d like. Curate your own publication and accept submissions. All of that, free of ads and unwanted clutter!

  • Simple to navigate and easier to publish. With a minimalist and distraction-free interface, put your stories into a permanent home and under a personal domain.


Your personal corner of the internet. Host your own domain. Publish anything from long-form fiction to a couplet. Reblog GIFs once in a while. Tumblr caters to you!

  • Take Tumblr as it is. Aside from searches and tags, the possibilities of content are endless. Stories, like yours, are treasures to be discovered like these.


What you say matters. Be an independent writer. Publish fiction and non-fiction pieces. Join publications or create your own. Become a Medium Partner and earn!

  • Share long-form content for an audience that puts in the time to think. Be the worthwhile reading pause the audience needs, away from the trending 8-seconds of entertainment.

Best Apps for Brainstorming

“Find a subject you care about and which you in your heart feel others should care about. It is this genuine caring, not your games with language, which will be the most compelling and seductive element in your style.” — Stephen King


Access your ideas from all your devices. Organize your research with labels that make sense. Remember those lines of random dialogue you thought of on the commute? Or that cool building you want as a reference? Evernote has a place for everything, especially aspiring authors like you!

  • Forget forgetting! From your phone to your laptop to everywhere else, Evernote syncs your notes and automatically saves your drafts.


In the middle of something? Focus on one thing at a time! Close those million unread tabs. Just save for later interesting articles, videos, and links. Check out those bookmarks across all your devices. With Pocket, there’s no pressure in story research!

  • Again on that motivational trip in the wilderness with no Internet? Pocket syncs and saves your links to be opened and read offline. Get back to them again and again for those references. No refresh needed.

Dragon Anywhere

Aspiring authors can be unsure about how to write. Practice your writing voice by speaking! Narrate your stories while multi-tasking to save up time. Dictate in complete sentences to get used to prose. Dragon Anywhere saves everything you say!

  • Creating a glossary of fantasy terms? Or sci-fi jargon? Add custom words and substitute placeholders for your magic schools and floating cities.

List for Writers

Thinking of a high-intensity argument between your characters but you get stuck forgetting the name of their really important dragon? Focus more on the big plot points. Fill in the blanks with listed prompts for story elements. Leave the details to List for Writers!

  • It’s time to take a break from scouring websites for baby names! Or spending hours on Google maps! Instead explore listed prompts for names and character traits, plots and settings, and all the corners and crevices of your story.


Connect one crazy thought to another through clean linear lines. Build your ideas into a visual map on an infinite canvas. MindNode clears out the distraction and impossibility from the minds of aspiring authors!

  • Is it important to know the sun and moon rising sign of your chosen one? Yes! Smart Layout automatically handles the inception of your ideas with nodes and branches that remain organized and easy to read. Bring it on!


Battle writer’s block by spinning wheels of fortune for fantastic prompts. Fight creative fatigue by shaking the slot machine for creative concepts. Brainstormer uses numerous plot ideas into at least 45 different categories to make nearly endless and all amazing combinations for aspiring authors to use!

  • Discover random and interesting pairings of conflict, setting, and characters. Aside from the Classic wheels, try the World Builder, Character Builder, Creature Builder, and Sci-fi Brainstormer for any of your concept needs.


Know what to do and how to start your story with the powerful combination of a mind map and task manager. In one clean space, arrange your ideas across branches and turn them into tasks. Prioritize your workload visually. With Ayoa, your ideas make sense and your thoughts take action.

  • Better differentiate and categorize your ideas with flexible formatting. Change the colors, adjust the branch sizes, and customize a Mind Map that fits your writing style.


Can’t figure out how your story world works? Display your ideas and collect sources on one visual board. Move around things until they click for you. Keep these thoughts private or share them with whoever you want. With Milanote, it feels like working on a wall in a creative studio. But cooler!

  • Check out your drafts, characters, worlds, and everything in between with a birds-eye view. No need to be overwhelmed with information. Connect your ideas with mind maps and combine texts with images and videos to see the big picture.

Best Apps for Writing

“I would advise any beginning writer to write the first drafts as if no one else will ever read them — without a thought about publication — and only in the last draft to consider how the work will look from the outside.” — Anne Tyler


Don’t be afraid to make mistakes with this real-time writing assistant. Find the perfect word choice. Write in a consistent tone and style. With Grammarly, aspiring authors sound as good they want to be!

  • Focus on building your story, knowing Grammarly makes writing effortless. It functions everywhere through your browser and learns the best suggestions to give you the more you use it.

Ginger Software

Write with confidence and without mistakes. Revamp how you construct your sentences. Listen to what you’re writing. Improve your English all around with Ginger Software!

Hemingway App

Write in earnest (pun intended). Know which sentences work and why they don’t. Break down the way you write, word per word. Aspiring authors learn more about their writing styles through the Hemingway App.

  • Alternate easily between two modes: writing and editing. Let the words overflow on the minimalist interface. There are no page breaks or print layouts to stop you. Just basic format options above. Then switch over to editing and watch how Hemingway App colors your draft with suggestions and potential problems.

Living Writer

Write a novel. Drag and drop anything between folders or across the board. Save time with smart text and auto-suggest. Take out your favorite author’s outline templates for a spin. Meet your new word processer, Living Writer!

  • Write for something by setting chapter goals and story goals. Be it a passion project or Nanowrimo (a writing event perfect for aspiring authors!), go above and beyond your word count with short- and long-term deadlines.

IA Writer

Get your thoughts on paper faster than MS Word can load. Keep your fingers on the keyboard with auto-markdown and eyes on the prize with Focus Mode. Hashtag documents and smart search them later. IA Writer prioritizes what all aspiring authors should: nitty, gritty (but incredibly convenient) writing!

  • Don’t underestimate the plain text format. Minimal weight and universally readable, your writing flow never break and your stories only deepen.


How many times has your mind wandered away from writing? Is that the third dog that has passed your house? Never mind all that. Focus by being immersed in the clean text. Increase your productivity with clear goals. And keep your ideas in order in the Ulysses’ unified library.

  • Never worry about being lost with the three-pane windows bringing the answers to your every need. From the library to your assortment of documents, to the actual word processor, Ulysses simplifies the writing process for aspiring authors.

Google Docs

Work in a familiar environment. Write with styling tools. Access your documents from anywhere. Keep them private or collaborate in real-time. It’s simple yet effective with Google Docs.

  • Still on that trip with no wifi? Write assuredly, Google Docs has an offline mode. Just sync up your edits online.


Start writing with every tool made for aspiring authors. Keep writing on an interface that’s flexible and customizable. Scrivener is ready for writers of all kinds!


Complete an entire novel just from your phone. Use templates and categories at your disposal. Or create your own from scratch and customize. Schedule your writing sessions. Aspiring authors can real-time preview their works in all its novel glory.

  • Go Empty or go Standard. The two templates (one, blank, and one, with basic items) are completely customizable whether you’re working on a stand-alone novel or a many-part series.

Day One

Starting is a challenge but writing consistently is harder! Journal daily. Recount what you saw and how you felt. Capture your experiences in real-time. Set a passcode to keep your thoughts and ideas a surprise. Start with Day One.

  • Focus on the moment with a minimalist interface and markdown tools. Want to use that gorgeous ocean view for your story world? Add images, videos, drawings, or audio recordings to keep the memory vivid.


Build a writing habit. Reach your goals. Have a healthy mental state. Practice creative and unfiltered self-expression. Write with Wrabit!

  • Fill in the welcoming blank space, using a simple text editor. Be it journal or a chapter a day, aspiring authors can write about anything.


Start small with no pressure. Collaborate with your ideas. Test your creative limits. Be surprised with the craziest stories. Try something new with Inkvite. Most of all, have fun!

How are you, aspiring author?

What part of the writing process are you in? Explore these apps and discover the best ones that work for your needs! Be it you are still on the journey to being an author or literally a click away from publishing that story.
Neil Gaiman reminds you, “The main rule of writing is that if you do it with enough assurance and confidence, you’re allowed to do whatever you like. So write your story as it needs to be written. Write it ­honestly, and tell it as best you can.” The greatest app, after all, is YOU!
(But really, make it easier with these 26 amazing choices!)

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