26 Best Apps For Writers That Every Aspiring Author Needs

Every aspiring author has to start somewhere, right? From thinking of ideas, getting down to writing, to sharing your stories; all writers have different needs.
These 26 apps offer the best solutions for every aspiring author! Reach your word count goal. Make editing a smoother process. Say goodbye to crying over lost research. And actually get around to publishing!
Friedrich Nietzsche points out, “A good writer possesses not only his own spirit but also the spirit of his friends.”
For you, the aspiring author, let these apps be your best friends!

Best Apps for Publishing




  • Wuxia? Xianxia? Publish your Eastern and Chinese fantasy novels to an audience that loves them.
  • Learn the tricks of the trade by reading the Book of Authors written by the best editors of the web novel industry.
  • Get discovered quickly. There’s New to Webnovel for any fresh authors, New Ongoing Releases for authors on a roll, and so much more!
  • Proud of your masterpiece? Try your luck with Power Ranking. Readers vote for you to level up!


  • Simple to navigate and easier to publish. With a minimalist and distraction-free interface, put your stories into a permanent home and under a personal domain.
  • Don’t worry if white isn’t your color. Write.as gives you full creative control. Design your site to look like an actual novel or create a picture book like Commaful by playing with media!
  • Engage your readers with newsletters. Let them know when you update or send them a warm hello!
  • Any writers trying out different genres? Or starting a new series? Under a single account, create a blog for each of your novels. Separate your collections to build an individual brand.


  • Take Tumblr as it is. Aside from searches and tags, the possibilities of content are endless. Stories, like yours, are treasures to be discovered like these.
  • Share works in a non-competitive space. Do you have a drabble you randomly came up with? Or a special extra chapter for your novel? Any and all are welcome to be posted!
  • Build an online presence by being active on Tumblr. New authors with published stories, whether on this site or others like Wattpad, can gain and engage with their audience. Tumblr can be where your readers find you and wait for more!


  • Share long-form content for an audience that puts in the time to think. Be the worthwhile reading pause the audience needs, away from the trending 8-seconds of entertainment.
  • Focus on content knowing Medium has got format covered. Minimalistic and uniformed, your readers know to just look at your stories. Though, you can add images here and there!
  • Understand engagement metrics to improve your writing! Medium measures how many people have viewed your work and how many have done so until the end.

Best Apps for Brainstorming


  • Forget forgetting! From your phone to your laptop to everywhere else, Evernote syncs your notes and automatically saves your drafts.
  • No internet? No worries. Go ahead with your writing trip to the woods or inspiring hike up the mountains! Evernote works offline so you can work offline too.
  • Find that source in the haystack. Search using tags, keywords, images, dates, and even your handwriting. Suggestions pop up for you.
  • Take notes without having to type. Bookmark web clippings and annotate screenshots. Or attach important PDFs and other documents. Your ideas can come from anything!


  • Again on that motivational trip in the wilderness with no Internet? Pocket syncs and saves your links to be opened and read offline. Get back to them again and again for those references. No refresh needed.
  • Re-discover your important research and your favorite sources with Highlights and Interest. Need that adorable dog video for inspiration to write? Pocket cares about aspiring authors’ user experience.
  • Share your saved links to anyone and through anything. With more than 500 integrated apps, Tweet that helpful video to your fellow writers and keep your social media updated with your discoveries.

Dragon Anywhere

  • Creating a glossary of fantasy terms? Or sci-fi jargon? Add custom words and substitute placeholders for your magic schools and floating cities.
  • Talk as long as you want. Dragon Anywhere listens and improves accuracy over time.
  • Use your hands for other tasks like walking the dog and cooking. With dictation, edit the format by applying bolds and underlines, and select words to delete.
  • Your thoughts can go anywhere. Save the most important ones to the cloud, send them through email, and attach them to note-taking apps like Evernote.

List for Writers

  • It’s time to take a break from scouring websites for baby names! Or spending hours on Google maps! Instead explore listed prompts for names and character traits, plots and settings, and all the corners and crevices of your story.
  • Pluck out descriptive words and easily add them when building your story. List for Writers is its own thesaurus for aspiring authors by defining every term you’re interested in.


  • Is it important to know the sun and moon rising sign of your chosen one? Yes! Smart Layout automatically handles the inception of your ideas with nodes and branches that remain organized and easy to read. Bring it on!
  • Color your canvas and use Mindnode’s 250+ stickers to keep your mind active and your ideas beautiful.
  • Burning the midnight oil? Keep your eyes happy and switch to Dark Mode.
  • Rest assured, your map will make sense even when you share it. Export to various formats such as Docx, PDF, image, and more!


  • Discover random and interesting pairings of conflict, setting, and characters. Aside from the Classic wheels, try the World Builder, Character Builder, Creature Builder, and Sci-fi Brainstormer for any of your concept needs.
  • Not an English speaker? Fluent in emoji language? Brainstormer supports international languages with non-Latin alphabets like Japanese and Mandarin as well as emojis for brainstorming fun.
  • Put your random ideas to good use. Create your own brainstorming wheels by personalizing the word lists from your phone and your laptop.
  • Play Brainstormer on your Apple Watch. There’s no better time to excite your imagination than now!


  • Better differentiate and categorize your ideas with flexible formatting. Change the colors, adjust the branch sizes, and customize a Mind Map that fits your writing style.
  • Sometimes, words aren’t enough. That’s alright! Attach your own photos or choose from the Unsplash gallery as well as important documents and web clippings. Ayoa is your personal research hub.
  • How do you relate your alien protagonist to a ghost out for revenge? It’s no problem with the Idea Bank. Store any and all random ideas and concepts there then when you’re ready, place them easily into your Mind Map.
  • Brainstorm with other aspiring authors and invite them to your Mind Map. Vote and thumbs up to any great idea that stands out! Set your Mind Map to public and link your thoughts to even non-Ayoa users.


  • Check out your drafts, characters, worlds, and everything in between with a birds-eye view. No need to be overwhelmed with information. Connect your ideas with mind maps and combine texts with images and videos to see the big picture.
  • Give your protagonists and antagonists personality with Milanote’s Character Profile Template. Aspiring authors can work and practice fleshing out backstories and adding dimension to characters and relationships.
  • Don’t stress the outline! Milanote’s Story Outline Template organizes your story into a basic structure. Drag and drop cards to figure out what works and what doesn’t.

Best Apps for Writing


  • Focus on building your story, knowing Grammarly makes writing effortless. It functions everywhere through your browser and learns the best suggestions to give you the more you use it.
  • Oh, you’re not like other writers? Then play around, tweak the grammar rules, and add your own terms to the dictionary. It listens to your language.

Ginger Software

Hemingway App

  • Alternate easily between two modes: writing and editing. Let the words overflow on the minimalist interface. There are no page breaks or print layouts to stop you. Just basic format options above. Then switch over to editing and watch how Hemingway App colors your draft with suggestions and potential problems.
  • Keep an eye on your progress when editing through your readability grade, reading time, word count, and more.

Living Writer

  • Write for something by setting chapter goals and story goals. Be it a passion project or Nanowrimo (a writing event perfect for aspiring authors!), go above and beyond your word count with short- and long-term deadlines.
  • Don’t worry, everything you’ve written automatically saves and syncs through the cloud. Continue working from your laptop to your phone with bank-level security. Your special novel stays secret until you’re ready!
  • Keep the momentum going. Write in dark mode all through the night, knowing Living Writer can handle 100,000 of your words and more without lag.

IA Writer

  • Don’t underestimate the plain text format. Minimal weight and universally readable, your writing flow never break and your stories only deepen.
  • Control how you write with editable Content Blocks for tables, images, and connecting documents while staying in plain text the whole time.
  • Actually enjoy writing from IA Writer’s little improvements! The typical typewriting font is tweaked not just to look pretty but also to be written and read better. And there’s Syntax Highlight that spots any of your stylistic errors with bright colors. This is more than a notepad.


  • Never worry about being lost with the three-pane windows bringing the answers to your every need. From the library to your assortment of documents, to the actual word processor, Ulysses simplifies the writing process for aspiring authors.
  • Apple users rejoice! Sync completely through iCloud and easily pick up where you left off across all your OS devices.
  • Pursue your goals using a user-friendly progress meter. Adjust it according to your writing requirements. Your set deadline is broken down with words per day where you can still add some needed day off’s. There’s no pressure in writing. Instead, Ulysses is cheering you on!

Google Docs

  • Still on that trip with no wifi? Write assuredly, Google Docs has an offline mode. Just sync up your edits online.
  • Say goodbye to regrets by viewing your revision history. Load back up that villain’s monologue from yesterday or compare your description from a specific timestamp to now.
  • Don’t worry. Your document, your rules. Friends, or beta readers and editors, can go on View Only, Edit, or Suggest mode. It’s up to you!



  • Go Empty or go Standard. The two templates (one, blank, and one, with basic items) are completely customizable whether you’re working on a stand-alone novel or a many-part series.
  • Type away with Novelist’s Rich Text Editor. Go for some advanced formatting or plain writing, it automatically saves the progress of your story.
  • Experiment with structure. Add parts, acts, chapters, and subchapters to your writing heart’s content. Drag and drop scenes and see where it sticks.
  • Track writing time and progress by setting goals and deadlines. Easily check out the total word count of your novel and its chapters.

Day One

  • Focus on the moment with a minimalist interface and markdown tools. Want to use that gorgeous ocean view for your story world? Add images, videos, drawings, or audio recordings to keep the memory vivid.
  • Practice writing every day, aspiring authors! 365 days is no limit with an unlimited number of entries.
  • Remember the best references from the past with On This Day.


  • Fill in the welcoming blank space, using a simple text editor. Be it journal or a chapter a day, aspiring authors can write about anything.
  • Stay motivated with writing by keeping up your streak and personalizing your writing sessions.
  • Be proud of your progress through word count statistics and entries calendar.
  • Rest assured everything stays encrypted!


How are you, aspiring author?

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